Retrieves data

Collect data from almost every historical source possible on the world wide web.

Machine Intelligence

Parse data through Natural Languaging Processing and classification filtering to uncover patterns.

Push Alerts

Sends the most important alert in real-time to your mobile devices, which can be based on sentiment/volume spikes of you, your competitor and the industry.

Text Analytics

Use machines to read text faster,  more intelligently and accurately than a human otherwise could.

Go-to Platform for Insights

The platform is general enough to factor in all insights use cases.

Tailored Made Experience

Listen to your defined insights accurately without the noise using ML filtering

The best tool for quantifying unstructured data, for web insights mining and social listening.

Clear ROI proposition

Use Cases

  • Understand industry shifts over time
  • Understand consumer motivations and behaviours


  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of competitors
  • Detect and capitalize on industry trends
  • Evaluate and adjust to competitive landscape

Use cases

  • Understand consumer’s path to purchase
  • Visualize existing audience
  • Find a new audience


  • Fine tune audience segmentation and message
  • Measure and boost campaign performance

Use cases

  • Track and react to brand reputation in real time


  • Build a stronger brand narrative
  • Provide customer care more quickly
  • Create positive engagement
  • Able to command better brand premium and fees

Use cases

  • Analyze sentiment shift of companies in real time from obscure yet impactful sources
  • Overlay a new source of alpha source which is almost impossible to obtain trivially


  • Run more effective short-term trading strategies (i.e. market neutral, stats arb style)

The best way to listen to insights in real time across the big web.

Listen, think and react faster than the rest.

Set tracking keywords

Sentiment Analysis

Emotion Analysis




Listen, use ML to filter information and action in real time.

Use simple ML classification to tag a small sample of your data, clean the wide universe and get your filtered insights.

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Tweet features analyzed.


The one platform solution to all your insights and alerting use cases.

5 sec

Average response time for a search enquiry + analysis.

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