You have questions. We have answers.

We are Latent. We are a passionate team of software engineers, business analysts, data scientists and marketers focused on driving results for our clients in the fast growing sectors. We believe that quantifying unstructured data on the big web unlocks value for many organizations.

Getting Started

Who is the Latent App for?

The Latent App was originated and built from the ground up for CEOs, traders, public figures and key decision makers who stand to benefit from the speed and breadth of information the app can provide. The concept was motivated by how the best pioneer hedge funds in the financial markets traded on the speed of receiving new news to get their alpha.

We are rebuilding the same architecture with today's cutting edge computing technology. We think that this can unlock value for many industry verticals, beyond just finance, by deploying scalable automation. Monitor your company, your competitors and your own reputation. Crawl the web, not just generic new sites that repeats themselves but also the user replies, comments and reactions found on the web. Blend in some sentiment tracking and topical modelling algorithms to help keep track of the abstraction. Have web workers to do these for you 24/7.

Action on, trade off these data as you want.

Currently, we are positioned to serve the health care vertical within Singapore and have worked with both public and private players in this space.

How much does Latent cost?

There are various packages tailored to your business requirements, ranging from a free account to a full-fledged enterprise account. The plan scales with the computing and natural language processing resources it commands. We have discounts for longer-term plans.


How I can get Latent for free?

You can sign up for an account. Every account starts on the free plan just for you to experience the possible capabilities of automated insights tracking.

How Latent works

What’s special about Latent?

Speed and breath of data. We transverse the edge cases of the internet to get what is truely useful.

What problem does Latent solve?

It answers the questions:

  • What are my stakeholders doing in real time?
  • How do I differ with my competitors in the eyes of my audience?
  • What is the perceived sentiment of entity X in real time?

How does Latent differ from other usual apps?

Speed of information flow and breadth of user opinions!


How does advisory work?

Many companies today are looking to automate their business processes especially with the convenience of big data, analytics and automation capabilities we have today - just to cut away inefficient man hours.

Also through doing our product validation, we realized that some customers have edge demands which require customized solutions.

We have the capabilities to build customized, scalable big data web and mobile apps using the best frameworks of today.

How do I contact Latent for advisory work?

Email us at with your requirements!